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Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta decided to bring some winter magic to its patients. Effect provide the services. Snow fall services with snow machines professional grade bu the best special effect team for snow FX

Children with illnesses, when confined to hospital walls, don’t always get to experience all the joys that winter has to offer.
That’s why Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta decided to bring some winter magic to its patients. 
CHOA teamed up with a special effects company that works with Disney to simulate a winter wonderland on its three campuses, My Fox Atlanta reported. At sunset last Monday, patients gathered outdoors as artificial snow began to fall. Several of the children got to experience a winter flurry for the very first time.
We say, let it SNOW!! provided the snow machine services and we can provide Disney quaintly snow to your event.

An Atlanta Children’s Hospital Surprised Kids With A Holiday Miracle They’ll Never Forget

Since these kids couldn’t go to the snow this holiday season, this Atlanta hospital decided to bring the snow to them.

It was 57 degrees outside, but that didn’t stop the snow *or* the smiles.

It’s hard for kids to get to experience the magic and wonder of the holiday season when they’re cooped up in a hospital.

It's hard for kids to get to experience the magic and wonder of the holiday season when they're cooped up in a hospital.

So the people at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta decided the best way to turn their patients back into regular kids for the day was to give them a winter surprise many had never seen before…

So the people at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta decided the best way to turn their patients back into regular kids for the day was to give them a winter surprise many had never seen before...



The hospital made sure the sudden change in weather was a surprise to everyone, even the doctors and nurses.

The hospital made sure the sudden change in weather was a surprise to everyone, even the doctors and nurses.

And once the kids saw the snow outside their hospital windows, no amount of IVs or tubes could keep them from going outside to experience the magic.

And once the kids saw the snow outside their hospital windows, no amount of IVs or tubes could keep them from going outside to experience the magic.

They made snow angels…

They made snow angels...

And even had snowball fights, even though the snow got a little soapy.

And even had snowball fights, even though the snow got a little soapy.

For a few hours, they got to just be regular kids playing in the snow.

For a few hours, they got to just be regular kids playing in the snow.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Zigmont Magic FX - Effect Specialist® A Special Effect Designer - The Trusted Name for Making Special Effects Magic at Events for 25 years. We have solutions for all budgets.

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Zigmont Magic FX - Effect Specialist® A Special Effect Designer - The Trusted Name for Making Special Effects Magic at Events for 25 years. We have solutions for all budgets.

Video Shows Snow, Low Lying Fog and Flame FX at the Happiest Place on Earth that we provided for a Video Shoot.
 olcano effect with cryo co2 jets, propane flames, LSG and lighting FX
snowmasters T 1500's on a lift  we call a snow zone
It's snow machine season, seen is a snow zone with T 1500's .
Zigmont Magic F/X is a very specialized company and a Special Effect Specialist ready to provide your event with Live Spectacular Special Effects, Professional Fireworks Display, Indoor Pyrotechnics Effects, Dragonfly Propane Flame Cannons, Cryo CO2 jets, Low Ground Crawling Smoke, Geysers Water Cannon Effects, Bubbles Machines, Flogos, Confetti & Streamer Cannons, the Ultimate in Artificial Snow Decor Dressing and Snowmasters Fake Snow Machines for Events and Snow Machine Rentals. Services in Tampa - Orlando Florida and through-out the entire USA with worldwide service's available. Performing our special effects internationally in 17 countries and have thousands of events for Corporate Industrials, Films, TV, Movies, Theater Productions, TV Commercials, Professional Sport, Malls , Private Parties and Theme Parks. 

Hollywood FX

With you are hiring the best field experts in the effects industry and a certified effect specialist on every job. We pride ourselves on offering the best knowledgeable advise along with innovative show designs since 1989. That's 25 years of experience. If you're looking for extreme effects with the most reliable, honest and industry-tested personal use our team as your solution for your event. With our top rated reputation for unparalleled Customer Service, look don't have to look any further give us a call. We will provide Special Effects Magic and FX Effects seen in movies, on TV, at theme parks or Theatrical shows at your event. 
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Working under tight deadlines, limited budgets to Big Budgets we get it right when it counts is our specialty Look for us on
A Professional special effect supervisor and special effects technician for 20 years, we have credentials and the experience to make the FX magic happen live at your event. Zigmont Magic FX Inc is a full service special effects company with the ability to present whatever special effect you're needing. We have 250+ You Tube steaming videos to see our work and hundreds of photos of past jobs. 
We service all of Florida with Tampa - Orlando our home base. We do travel all over the USA with our confetti special effects with Texas, Alabama, Tennessee, Atlanta Georgia and the Eastern Seaboard the territory we mainly cover. We have worked in 40 states. 
Snow machines in ybor city

Based our of Tampa Florida we have traveled to 18 countries in the concert touring industry, we have produced Las Vegas style Illusion show in Reno Nevada, have performed shows in China, we have toured the USA with theatrical touring shows. We have worked for NHL, NFL, MLB, NBA-DL, Orange Bowl National Championship ABC TV, Super Bowl Events, Sony Ericsson Open Tennis Tournament, Real Fighting Championship, Warner Brothers Studios, NASCAR Budweiser Shoot out FOX TV, Ten/Four Pictures - Hollywood Motion Pictures Productions, Political Rallies, TV Commercial industry, Las Vegas Hard Rock Casino events, Pro Wrestling WCW on TNT TV at MGM Arena Las Vegas. We have supported Broadway road tours,Concert Tour KISS and have done Thousands of corporate industrial and trade shows job. We have worked and/or consultant for all the Major Theme Parks such as Hollywood Studios Magic Kingdom, Universal Studios Harry Potter, Busch Gardens, Legoland, Paramount Kings Island,Disney Blizzard Beach, Seaworld, Silver Springs, Disney Animal Kingdom, Cedar Point Amusement Park, California's Great America, Universal City CA., Xetulul Theme Par kin Retahhuleu Guatemala. We are fully insured with million dollar public liability insurance policy.

Call us at 813 689 6269 or e mail at We have worked for the biggest names and events in the country and we take on small events with the same intensity and will work just as hard for you.

As a full service special effects company we Provide Hollywood-quality (movie Magic Effects) Atmospheric Effects and Rentals with Fake Snow Machine Effects, Movie Grade Ground Snow, Fog, Low Lying Smoke, Pyrotechnics, Smoke Effects, Bubbles Machines , Propane Flames FX, Fire, Confetti Streamer Cannons, Foam Machines, Fireworks, Water Mist Effects, Scent Machines , Co2 cryogenic valves or Cryo Jets effects, our specialty is in the realm effects for Live Events.
Looking for A Firework Display?
Need an exciting way of extending the messages that your client needs to communicate? 
Now You can Have Flogos here in Tampa - Orlando Florida.
Special effects will grant your client the ability to express ideas to the Business Audience in an exciting way. Whether at a large corporate stage production, trade show or sales conference event, FX effects will spark a big reaction of your target audience and capture a moment. Special effect has the power to produce a retention of memory of a slogan or major point of the conference long after the event is over. The slogan or image will be remembered because it was tied in with the special effect. This leaves a positive reaction with the audience or sales force. But sometimes it’s just about impact and getting people rallied up” at corporate events. We are very interested in offering our expertise to your event.
dianetics volcano cryoco2 and propane flame effects Special effects cryo co2 and flames
A Spectacular Live Volcanic Effect.
We are not advertising for Dianetics, we provided the Special Effects that made the magazine front cover of Scientology News. A Volcano effect for a live audience event at Ruth Eckard Performing Art Center, with Propane Flames Gas Effects, Cryo CO2 Jets and Cryo LSG crawling fog. Looks like a movie set effect. at a live event
Tampa Bay Lightning 2009 season opening intro with cyro co2 jets effects
We use cryo jets, cryo cannons to make team introductions exciting
cryo co2 jet effect WWE
American stage production companies, Broadway touring shows, concert tours , live TV shows, theme park shows, sports half time events are always looking for the newest effects for bigger effects that we can provide.
We provided The National Hockey League Team Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey Club , A cool effect for the Opening Game Introductions 2009 - 10 St. Pete Times Forum With our cryogenic valves CO2 jets which are 40 ft plume of white fog.
Call Us @ 813 689 6269
water screen for high-resolution rear-projection
The Tsunami Water Screen™ is a high-resolution rear-projection screen created entirely in a cascade of free-falling water! Falls into a Recycle Basin.
We provided The Gaylord Palms a Pool side Fireworks Display In their Parking lot. 

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Propane Flame explosion special effects as seen in hollywood car explosions and army field explosions simulations . Propane Can Poppers for safe effects

Custom Special Effects 

We can provide any number of Custom Stage effects or Hollywood style SFX effects you seen on Stage, Broadway Show, Motion Picture Special Effects, Army Training, Movies Productions, TV Show, Theme Park Production etc… Call and ask for the required effect that you have seen or just imagined and we will propose a solution to get that effect for your event. We can provide Effects for events as as commercial shoot, concerts, theatre plays, or corporate functions

need a car explosion?
propane popper
A effect that a hollywood standard.

Need a field explosion for a movie in florida
Propane Can Popper. This popper uses a standard US 14.1 ounce Propane or Mapp Gas cylinder to produce a repeatable, predictable Special Effects Fireball that dissipates in a few second and leaves no obnoxious residue. 
propane popper canpropane popperpropane popper
Single popper with Mapp Gas Cylinder. For scale, the containers behind are 8 feet high and 8 feet wide, giving an initial fireball of about 12 feet high and 16 feet wide.The fire begins to dissipate, and more black smoke.Nothing left except for a few drifting wisps of smoke. 
Now all 6 are lit and produce an excellent long fireball effect.

Saturday, October 31, 2015 provides special effects for TV production, studio sounds stages, sets, photo shoots, industrial shows, sports events, studio theme parks, retail shopping centers and private events.

Fake snow machine rentals and full production services for falling snow showers just like Disney
Zigmont Magic FX Inc 813 689 6269
Your Source For Hollywood Movie Quality Snow in Florida
Snow Effects for TV - Film Productions - Studio - Live Events
We can load a box truck or trailer with Special Effects ground cover snow and snow falling in the air with all the standard tools for a movie production, film shoots, TV Commercials or special event stage show. We have a few specialty items specifically for productions including 16 different style and type of snow machines. We also offer, Snofoam Flocking , Snowcel Spraying, Snow Fiber Flocking, Snow Blankets, Display Snow, Snow Pellets, Icicles, Snowballs, Frost Looks, Faux Snow, Misting, cryo FX Cold Flow, Low Crawling Ground Fog, Fog Machines and the experience to conceptualizing and designing the Visual Special Effects your storyboard requires.
movie crew on location
We will stock a Box truck or trailer according to your specific needs and rent by the day or by the week with Special effects technicians or use your labor force with a Effects Supervisor.. This is extremely successful for movie production. We travel Smart with experienced professional Results. Plus you hire a Special Effects Designer, A Snow Best BoyA Snow Property Master, Special Effects Supervisor and Visual Snow Effects Art Director which is the Effect Specialist Zigmont.
snow blankets
The Snow Specialist Offers Realistic and Creative Snow Effects with Full Service Production 
FAKE SNOW FLOCKINGfake snow sprayed on trees
White out and Tree Flocking
The Snow Specialist Offers Products and/or Full Service Production for Fake Decorative Snow, Snow Scene Dressing and Creating the Illusion of Winter provides special effects for TV production, studio sounds stages, sets, photo shoots, industrial shows, sports events, studio theme parks, retail shopping centers and private events. Realistic snow for sound stages are accomplished with a variety of effects, including falling snow, Snowcel, faux snow ground cover, snow blankets, snow flocking, snow pellets etc. No one compares to us with snow in the air, we have the best snow machine gear with the experience and knowledge to make a blizzard in any location.
Decorative Snow, Snow Scene Dressing and Creating Movie Magic Winter Theme Set Decoration
snow blankets in placesnow blankets laid down
Our Snow decor Snow Blankets and Display snow Dressing
display snow
We supplied HSN TV Commercial Shoot at Universal Studios Back lot with snow dressing decor and snow in the air. We used snow blankets and snowcel to dress the street.
See the art rendering above and the finished snow set we provided.
The finish video and we did green screen as well 2010
special effects snow tress with flocked snow
Commercial Productions On-Location shoots - Still Photography, Commercials, Television Shows, Music Videos, Feature Film and Advertising Ads
Holiday Nut Roasting with Cincinnati Bell that we did the snow for commercial, 2010.
fake snow on ground and treees
Snow Flocking and snow showers Holiday for Cincinnati Bell 2010.
We can transform any area indoors and outside to look as if it has frost or deep snow, we can bulk up snow on the ground to make drifts. The snow on the ground is faux snow which is a fake snow or artificial snow snow products. All artificially snow products has its place and own particular advantage to offer, no one type of snow is capable of doing everything required on a snow deco set. There many different products that we use to get its to look like snow on the ground. We can spray and cover objects with various coarseness of our non-chemical cellulose product or foam flocking. Generally on any set a combination of six or seven different products are used to create the right look and action effects for camera or point of view.
*Faux (pronounced /'fo?/, like "foe") is a French word for false or fake. It is often used in English phrases such as faux pearls, and faux fur. When manufacturing faux objects or materials, an attempt is often made to create products which will resemble the imitated items as closely as possible.
Our services and products can provide that Hollywood Movie Magic to your Live Event, Stage Show, video or Film Shoot. Our Artificial or Fake Snow decoration is widely used by film and Hollywood Movie industries. Most products we supply are used on Hollywood Movie Sets. We use all types of fake snow decoration products to Guaranteed White Christmas anywhere any temperature any time.
movie set with fake snow
With The Largest Inventory of Owned Snow Machines, Flocking Machines, Faux Snow Mixers, Snowcel Sprayers in the East Coast and Southeast.
Film Studios and Film Locations can be turned into a Snow Scene
We provide snow effects for movies, commercials and events with the industry professional standard for decorative snow dressing, bunk display snow with snowcel snow spraying equipment. We will Spray faux snow onto studio back lots, city streets, buildings fronts, on cars, roof tops, store window displays, on a lawn of a private house, country club, malls or on shrubs, grass and trees Christmas props with specialized snow system. Making any location into a winter wonderland or a snow storm white-out as real looking as mother nature. SnowCel Movie Snow FSX is most preferred artificial snow products in the film industry worldwide. The product is versatile as it can be used for snow dressing and falling snow effects. The product is a coarse flake paper snow which can spray on to snow blankets, dirt or any dressed or non dressed set.
special effects fake snowfake snow snowcel sprayed  on to a carfake snow snowcel sprayed on a roof
Hiring our trained technicians to dress large or small areas where they will use specialist equipment snow hopper blowing machine to spray the product which is in conjunction with a fine water mist to settle like real snow. This ‘wet head’ is fitted to the end of the hose which sprays that fine mist of water onto the paper as it emerges, killing the dust for studios and creating adhesion. The snow is sprayed to give the movie set the look of winter is actually a fine mixture of paper and water called snowcel. We can create winter scenes in temperatures above 90-100 degrees. On set it can be used to simulate falling snow.
fake snow snowcel sprayed snowcel sprayfake snow snowcel sprayed snowcel applied on a street
We use biodegradable, recycled cellulose paper called snowcel to create a winter wonderland; this had been the standard for the Motion Picture industry. We have a variety of material that can be used to make Special Effects Snow look as you require. Snowcel paper snow of different particle sizes can be used on snow dressing for drifts, roofs, walls, windows, foliage, gardens, pathways, roads, cars, people and around any action. Snowcel can be colored to simulate beach sand, desert, areas damaged by fire, volcanic ash. 
faux snow moving machine
We the only company to offer this service based out of Florida.
Snowcel Faux snow sprayed on and look as real as mother nature.
As we blow this snowcel product into place using a delivery system that employs a pressurized mist to apply to the snowcel with just plain water as it’s only bonding agent you can work and walk on the product. The customized produced paper snow is very stable and weatherproof, which allows the snowcel spray to cover everything and can be bulked to show snow drifts or 4-8 inches of accumulation on car tops, roofs. The artificial snowcel products will ‘disappear’ when it rains, or more durable half cell / full cell fakes snow products that is more weatherproof will stand up better to rain, but harder to wash way. We can lay over the top of lawn or area Snow Blankets Membrane that is a thin white layer to spray on to guarantee to leave any location as found, like it never happened. 
fake snow snowcel sprayed on groundfake snow snowcel sprayed on ground
A snowcel sprayed house, lawn and trees with a terram under layer for the lawn. Deeper snow would be the next step and to blend and texture the snow. Could of used snow blankets for a deeper snow look.
Snowcel can be sprayed with a light 1/4 inch on streets to make a white out or sprayed over Terram and can be sprayed over dirt for snow drifts and piles.
* Faux Snow - Snowcel Spraying - Flocking with Fiber Snow / SnoFoam / Paper Snowcel - Snow Blankets - Crystal Clear Acrylic Icicles - Faux Ice - Faux Snow™ Ground Pellets 
We have the most diverse array of industrial strength commercial series of snow machines from round the the globe. With Professional Manufacturers consisting of; Snowmasters T- 5000/ T1500 MAX, Enterprises Unlimited Snowboy, Universal-effects Power Head 500. 
power head  fake snow machinepower head fake  snow machinesnowboy snow machine blizzard snow cannonsnow blizzard cannon T 1000 fake snow machineSnow machine T 1500  T 500 snow machine
Snow blankets. fake snow and Faux Snow™ Ground PelletsT 1600 Silent snow machine