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We offer professional snow machine rentals across the nation with the best brands and your best source of Pro fake snow machines for malls, theaters, special events, studios, holiday party and individuals. Professional models are the models that Theme Parks uses such as Disney

We offer professional snow machine rentals across the nation  with the best brands and your source of Pro fake snow machines for malls, theaters, special events, studios, holiday party and individuals.  Professional Machine is a benchmark which is the highest sources use, Professional models are The models that Theme Parks uses such as Disney, universal Studios, Seaworld, Legoland. We offer these professional high end models. How can you tell a high end snow machine from a low end snow machine. Simple… If it’s not a snowmasters or SnowBoy  brand it’s not a true evaporative  professional  caliber  series snow machine.  

Many just push every snow machine as a pro model. Snowmasters evaporates  in 30 - 90 second and on contact, not disappears as all bubble  or water will do eventually.
We at Effect Specialist provide Disney with Professional Snow Machine results 

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The Snowmaster Professional  Series snow machine