Friday, July 25, 2014

Special Effects work the past 3 weeks Frozen - TV Commercial and Reality TV Shows

Now looking for 3 TV Spots that we have effects on

1-Party City Florida with low lying fog for Halloween  
2-Animal Planet The Pool Masters with Snow Machine Effects
3-Lizard Lick Towing Propane Flame burning down the doghouse
and - Go to Disney Hollywood Studios and see the snow we worked on.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Why So Many General Sessions are BORING?? What to do Add Special Effects

Why So Many General Sessions are BORING??


The $64,000 question is, “Do your attendees run out the door at the end of the session?” If the answer is yes, you’ve got to admit that it was either too long or they were bored stiff!

 Speaking Frankly
There are good speakers, mediocre speakers and sometimes, horrible speakers in the lineup. And many times you just have to make the best of it. Pre-approved Power Point presentations help. Live rehearsals certainly help. But we all know that there are high points and low points in the general session and we must all too often suffer through the dry pieces. But do we really have to suffer?
There’s also the problem of trying to stuff 10lbs of content into a 5lb bag of time.

You may have little power over specific company speakers and the content, but you can certainly work on the amount of time allotted and simplify the schedule a bit.

Audience feedback and anonymous critiques can really help you to not only improve your meetings, but they make for a great arsenal when you’re going into the C-Suite to make suggestions for changes.

The old paper and pen critique sheets are still being used by many, but you can get into the new century and save a lot in labor costs (in creating reports) with a simple mobile conference app that can deliver honest and anonymous feedback and instant reports on every speaker and session. It can pay for itself!

Break it Up!
Back in the good old days, people were much more passive and sedentary in meetings. They were used to sitting still and passively gathering information as the various presenters droned on, and the audience might occasionally perk up when a great speaker took the stage. But the sea-changing transformation of technology has totally changed everything. Your audience’s brains and behaviors have radically transformed over the course of one short decade.

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)
New habits have become ingrained in our brains causing countless minds to constantly wander and wonder about what they’re missing in their social media posts, conversation walls, emails, text messages and Twitter feeds. The latest term for this condition is called FOMO, or the Fear of Missing Out – see more
So many of us have succumbed to this Pavlovian conditioning that causes a stimulation response to a ding or whoosh sound effect that signifies incoming notices, or a raised state of anxiety when a time period lapses without notifications.   These elements are now your competition. Attention spans are superseded by connectivity anxiety. Comprehension is down, impatience is up – and your choice is to either adjust and adapt or experience a downward spiral in the ROI of your sessions.
Some meetings now have strict rules that prohibit smart phone usage – but that doesn’t remove the itch, just the scratch. It’s a far better idea to completely review your sessions and adjust the content delivery to the 21st Century. So what does that look like? It looks like a lot of fun, engagement, interaction and success – if you do it right.
Here are just a few ideas on how to cope with the FOMO phenomenon and deliver your content more in tune with the culture and style of how your attendees engage information everywhere else in the course of their lives:

Open up the Discussion
  • Leverage the technology and engage your audience by encouraging feedback via text and tweets during or directly after each speaker segment. You can ask for feedback, request questions and comments, take polls and solicit votes on specific subjects and products. This can be done with a portable software system. See more about this -
  • You can also offer screen interaction with a free online app for a Twitter feed, or through certain mobile conference apps.
  • Try to carve out 2.5 to 5 minutes after each speaker presentation to do some interactive voting, polling or Q&A. This can be a creative and fun segment that they’ll look forward to.

Let’s Get Physical
  • Incorporate some movement into the meeting using different methodologies and technologies.  One of the latest concepts being used is with motion capture technology where the cameras pick up sections of the audience and relay their movements with an avatar upon the screen.

  • And if you’ve ever studied just a little bit on NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) you’ll know that asking an audience to stand up, sit down, clap, face each other and make other movements in unison and on demand – all leads to a sort of group hypnotic sync that can increase their awareness and excitement level. You don’t need to have a Tony Robbins type motivational speaker to incorporate these techniques – just any good NLP practitioner can guide you.

Entertain Them
  • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) has come to prominence in the same period that technology delivers more and more information at lightning speed. And the faster information is delivered, the more we search and scan for entertaining information. Just think about how you might personally scan your Facebook, Twitter, emails or television – quickly and with ruthless judgment. So make your content and the gaps between segments entertaining.

  • You might add more “comic relief” segments with a Top Ten countdown -David Letterman style, or a recitation of funny tweets from the audience -Jimmy Fallon style. You might have a notoriously serious executive come out and read a teleprompter while the screens reveal “what he actually means” ala Stephen Colbert style.  And yes, these types of segments are the reason why you have a production team – but give them permission to entertain more and surprise your audience – that’s what makes good entertainment.

  • Some companies spend a fortune on a lot of video production, and it’s certainly expected for openings and closing – but compare what you’re spending here to what else you can do with the budget. You can have an entertainment troupe (dancers, actors, vocalists) for a full two days and nights sometimes for a fraction of your video budget.
  • Humorous relief segments with fresh, professional creative sketches delivered between each speaker presentation can make all of the difference in a “thumbs up or thumbs down” review.
The key question to ask is, “What makes people willing to sit through a 2-hour movie, a 3-hour video game or scroll through social media post for long periods of time?” The simple answer is that they’re involved, they’re engaged and they’re entertained. Passive audiences are growing more interactive in every other segment and of their lives. Why not yours?

  • The Wizard

    • Wizard founder Russell Brumfield is a 25-year event industry veteran, bestselling author and international speaker with a never-ending focus on new and emerging trends taking place in the meeting & event industry.               

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Special effects Snow Machines, Propane Flames, Water Effects, Cryo Co2 FX Jets, Flogos, Smoke Machines FX, Pyrotechnics, Fireworks, FX Rental Low Lyiong Smoke, Bubble Machines Scent Machines, Foam Machines

Special Effects, snow machine rentals, cryo co2 jet effects, Low lying LSG crawling smoke, propane flames, pyrotechnics, fireworks displays, Flogos, Bubble machine rentals, snowcel, Fx rentals, smoke machines, confetti cannons, streamer cannons,campfires

Need a Special Effects Dept now you can have one at any location.
Special effects Snow Machines, Propane Flames, Water Effects, Cryo Co2 FX Jets, Flogos, Smoke Machines FX, Pyrotechnics, Fireworks, FX Rental Low Lyiong Smoke, Bubble Machines Scent Machines, Foam Machines

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

snow vendor consultant for all things that are snow effects and fake snow machines for Disney and Disney Frozen Summer Fun Live 2014 by

We are the snow vendor consultant for all things that are snow effects and snow machines for Disney and Disney Frozen Summer Fun Live 2014!
Call us we can rent you for do a turn key snow event for you. 813 689 6269
"Frozen Summer Fun Live!  snow machine effects
Well the secret is out of the bag, I have been working all week on "Frozen Summer Fun Live! for Disney FX. I have walked and Surveyed the snow areas to design and advise the producers vision.
Yes Disney calls on Zigmont as a snow consultant vendor. Opening July 5th thru labor day.
T 1500 snow machine for Disney Frozen sing a long
Zigmont installing snow machines for Frozen at Disney Hollywood Studios
snow machine renatl for Disney Hollywood Studios Frozen event
zigmont at work

There will be summer snow in the Streets of Disney's Hollywood Studios throughout each day as we just prepared and readied 60 T -1500 snow machines for the roof tops just like for Christmas more intense. I have snow machine rentals in Premire Theater for the A “Frozen” Sing-Along Celebration.
snow test
fake snow machines at Disney Frozen show
Snow machines tweaked
snow even in the rear of theater

Disney's Hollywood Studios is about to be "Frozen" over. ... The 20-minute show in Premiere Theater has our snow machine rentals as well as we installed the snow effects.

snow machine of disney roof tops
Snow machines of the roof
fake snow machines on roof tops
Massive snow setup
Snow Machine for massive snow fall with T 1500 snow machines Technically Supervise by Zigmont effectspacialist for Frozen Event

And just Maybe Flogo's snowflakes at the Gate..... Stay Tuned

Plus Snow Machines in "Frozen Funland" in Soundstage One.
We consulted and advised as well readied the 60 snow machines and rented addition snow effects and made the snow happen with the high quality Disney expects from me.
Disney snow machine for me to go thru and ready them for frozen