Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Propane Flame explosion special effects as seen in hollywood car explosions and army field explosions simulations . Propane Can Poppers for safe effects

Custom Special Effects 

We can provide any number of Custom Stage effects or Hollywood style SFX effects you seen on Stage, Broadway Show, Motion Picture Special Effects, Army Training, Movies Productions, TV Show, Theme Park Production etc… Call and ask for the required effect that you have seen or just imagined and we will propose a solution to get that effect for your event. We can provide Effects for events as as commercial shoot, concerts, theatre plays, or corporate functions

need a car explosion?
propane popper
A effect that a hollywood standard.

Need a field explosion for a movie in florida
Propane Can Popper. This popper uses a standard US 14.1 ounce Propane or Mapp Gas cylinder to produce a repeatable, predictable Special Effects Fireball that dissipates in a few second and leaves no obnoxious residue. 
propane popper canpropane popperpropane popper
Single popper with Mapp Gas Cylinder. For scale, the containers behind are 8 feet high and 8 feet wide, giving an initial fireball of about 12 feet high and 16 feet wide.The fire begins to dissipate, and more black smoke.Nothing left except for a few drifting wisps of smoke. 
Now all 6 are lit and produce an excellent long fireball effect.

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