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Zigmont Magic FX - Effect Specialist® A Special Effect Designer - The Trusted Name for Making Special Effects Magic at Events for 25 years. We have solutions for all budgets.

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Zigmont Magic FX - Effect Specialist® A Special Effect Designer - The Trusted Name for Making Special Effects Magic at Events for 25 years. We have solutions for all budgets.

Video Shows Snow, Low Lying Fog and Flame FX at the Happiest Place on Earth that we provided for a Video Shoot.
 olcano effect with cryo co2 jets, propane flames, LSG and lighting FX
snowmasters T 1500's on a lift  we call a snow zone
It's snow machine season, seen is a snow zone with T 1500's .
Zigmont Magic F/X is a very specialized company and a Special Effect Specialist ready to provide your event with Live Spectacular Special Effects, Professional Fireworks Display, Indoor Pyrotechnics Effects, Dragonfly Propane Flame Cannons, Cryo CO2 jets, Low Ground Crawling Smoke, Geysers Water Cannon Effects, Bubbles Machines, Flogos, Confetti & Streamer Cannons, the Ultimate in Artificial Snow Decor Dressing and Snowmasters Fake Snow Machines for Events and Snow Machine Rentals. Services in Tampa - Orlando Florida and through-out the entire USA with worldwide service's available. Performing our special effects internationally in 17 countries and have thousands of events for Corporate Industrials, Films, TV, Movies, Theater Productions, TV Commercials, Professional Sport, Malls , Private Parties and Theme Parks. FLORIDA'S PREMIER SPECIAL EFFECTS COMPANY FOR OVER 20 YEARS
Hollywood FX

With you are hiring the best field experts in the effects industry and a certified effect specialist on every job. We pride ourselves on offering the best knowledgeable advise along with innovative show designs since 1989. That's 25 years of experience. If you're looking for extreme effects with the most reliable, honest and industry-tested personal use our team as your solution for your event. With our top rated reputation for unparalleled Customer Service, look don't have to look any further give us a call. We will provide Special Effects Magic and FX Effects seen in movies, on TV, at theme parks or Theatrical shows at your event. 
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Working under tight deadlines, limited budgets to Big Budgets we get it right when it counts is our specialty Look for us on
A Professional special effect supervisor and special effects technician for 20 years, we have credentials and the experience to make the FX magic happen live at your event. Zigmont Magic FX Inc is a full service special effects company with the ability to present whatever special effect you're needing. We have 250+ You Tube steaming videos to see our work and hundreds of photos of past jobs. 
We service all of Florida with Tampa - Orlando our home base. We do travel all over the USA with our confetti special effects with Texas, Alabama, Tennessee, Atlanta Georgia and the Eastern Seaboard the territory we mainly cover. We have worked in 40 states. 
Snow machines in ybor city

Based our of Tampa Florida we have traveled to 18 countries in the concert touring industry, we have produced Las Vegas style Illusion show in Reno Nevada, have performed shows in China, we have toured the USA with theatrical touring shows. We have worked for NHL, NFL, MLB, NBA-DL, Orange Bowl National Championship ABC TV, Super Bowl Events, Sony Ericsson Open Tennis Tournament, Real Fighting Championship, Warner Brothers Studios, NASCAR Budweiser Shoot out FOX TV, Ten/Four Pictures - Hollywood Motion Pictures Productions, Political Rallies, TV Commercial industry, Las Vegas Hard Rock Casino events, Pro Wrestling WCW on TNT TV at MGM Arena Las Vegas. We have supported Broadway road tours,Concert Tour KISS and have done Thousands of corporate industrial and trade shows job. We have worked and/or consultant for all the Major Theme Parks such as Hollywood Studios Magic Kingdom, Universal Studios Harry Potter, Busch Gardens, Legoland, Paramount Kings Island,Disney Blizzard Beach, Seaworld, Silver Springs, Disney Animal Kingdom, Cedar Point Amusement Park, California's Great America, Universal City CA., Xetulul Theme Par kin Retahhuleu Guatemala. We are fully insured with million dollar public liability insurance policy.

Call us at 813 689 6269 or e mail at We have worked for the biggest names and events in the country and we take on small events with the same intensity and will work just as hard for you.

As a full service special effects company we Provide Hollywood-quality (movie Magic Effects) Atmospheric Effects and Rentals with Fake Snow Machine Effects, Movie Grade Ground Snow, Fog, Low Lying Smoke, Pyrotechnics, Smoke Effects, Bubbles Machines , Propane Flames FX, Fire, Confetti Streamer Cannons, Foam Machines, Fireworks, Water Mist Effects, Scent Machines , Co2 cryogenic valves or Cryo Jets effects, our specialty is in the realm effects for Live Events.
Looking for A Firework Display?
Need an exciting way of extending the messages that your client needs to communicate? 
Now You can Have Flogos here in Tampa - Orlando Florida.
Special effects will grant your client the ability to express ideas to the Business Audience in an exciting way. Whether at a large corporate stage production, trade show or sales conference event, FX effects will spark a big reaction of your target audience and capture a moment. Special effect has the power to produce a retention of memory of a slogan or major point of the conference long after the event is over. The slogan or image will be remembered because it was tied in with the special effect. This leaves a positive reaction with the audience or sales force. But sometimes it’s just about impact and getting people rallied up” at corporate events. We are very interested in offering our expertise to your event.
dianetics volcano cryoco2 and propane flame effects Special effects cryo co2 and flames
A Spectacular Live Volcanic Effect.
We are not advertising for Dianetics, we provided the Special Effects that made the magazine front cover of Scientology News. A Volcano effect for a live audience event at Ruth Eckard Performing Art Center, with Propane Flames Gas Effects, Cryo CO2 Jets and Cryo LSG crawling fog. Looks like a movie set effect. at a live event
Tampa Bay Lightning 2009 season opening intro with cyro co2 jets effects
We use cryo jets, cryo cannons to make team introductions exciting
cryo co2 jet effect WWE
American stage production companies, Broadway touring shows, concert tours , live TV shows, theme park shows, sports half time events are always looking for the newest effects for bigger effects that we can provide.
We provided The National Hockey League Team Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey Club , A cool effect for the Opening Game Introductions 2009 - 10 St. Pete Times Forum With our cryogenic valves CO2 jets which are 40 ft plume of white fog.
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water screen for high-resolution rear-projection
The Tsunami Water Screen™ is a high-resolution rear-projection screen created entirely in a cascade of free-falling water! Falls into a Recycle Basin.
We provided The Gaylord Palms a Pool side Fireworks Display In their Parking lot. 

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